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  • Lead Teachers of Mathematics

    Lead Teachers of Mathematics

    We are a group of Lead Teachers working to promote and develop mathematics learning and development in our schools. We value the opportunity to meet together and share 'best practice', to discuss, question and debate issues affecting our students. We like to keep up-to-date with current research ...

    Tags: maths, mathematics, lead teachers, lead teacher numeracy

  • Mathematics Inquiry in the Kapiti Collaborative

    The Kapiti Collaborative Mathematics Pedagogy working party addressed the achievement challenge of why students in the middle and upper achievement bands were not appearing to make significant progress.Through the use of evidence in the form of student achievement information, teacher and student...

    Tags: mathematics, inquiry, Kapiti Collaborative

  • What does the research say?

    So you want to make sure your e-learning programme aligns with research and best practice, but you don't have time to trawl through academic literature. No worries! Here are some snippets and summaries of relevant research. Check them out, and feel free to discuss in the community discussion ...

    Tags: maths, mathematics, #NZmathsICT, BYOD, e-assessment, e-learning, research, ICT

  • Engagement vs Enhancement

    There was a report released in the UK in 2009 by the Department for Children, Schools and Families about the effective use of ICT in UK Primary schools. It's worth a read, but one aspect jumped out at me in particular.  They noted (p10) that:  In almost all cases t...

    Tags: maths, mathematics, BYOD, e-learning, research, engagement, enhancement

  • Activity Types taxonomy

    Firstly, let's introduce the TPACK framework. This video is a brilliant (and short!) introduction, and this website unpacks it a little. Check out the official TPACK.org website for all the info you might want. So now the TPACK framework makes sense, but how do we apply it to our cla...

    Tags: maths, mathematics, BYOD, e-learning, research, ICT, TPACK, Activity Types, taxonomy

  • Workshop resources (2015)

    The second annual CMA E-Learning Day was held on Friday 29th May at The Grange Theatre in Christchurch. This year was the first time it was run as a whole-day event, with 80 teachers from around Canterbury coming together to learn and connect.  Here are the resources and presentations tha...

    Tags: maths, mathematics, CMA, #NZmathsICT, Geogebra, OneNote, BYOD, assessment, Google, e-learning, eMCAT

  • Melody McC

    Tags: Reading, politics, mountain biking (not on a mountain though ;) ), philosophy, Japanese, mathematics, sports, running, walking, tramping, drawing, scrap booking and loads of other things.

  • susan luxford

    Tags: Value-centred, interactive child-centred learning & teaching, with a special interest in Literacy, mathematics, E-learning and music. Superbikes, MotoGP, Rugby, Waterpolo, Flippaball, Hockey, Midsomer Murders, Harry's Fashion

  • Maths & Statistics ICT Community

    Maths & Statistics ICT Community

    Welcome to this community of Mathematics and Statistics teachers who are interested in using ICT in their teaching. All levels of experience and interest are welcome, whether you're a beginner wondering where to start, or an expert wondering where to next. Share ideas, issues, questions, stea...

    Tags: maths, mathematics, ict, technology, web 2.0, statistics, teachers