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  • Matapu Students

    Tags: Matapu, vln primary

  • Blended Learning - German Immersion Day

    Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.  Students from the VLN Primary German class (Matapu & Opunake Schools) joined students at Kaimata with their eteacher Stephanie for a day of Immersion German & great german food! What an awesome opportunity to mix the best of face to face from o...

    Tags: german, blended learning, matapu, opunake, kaimata, face to face, immersion, languages

  • Rosmini School connects to share Health messages

    Children at Matapu school enjoy their first session connecting with Mangatawhiri and Rosmini Schools. Today was an opportunity to test the connections and audio and to introduce the students to each other. Rosmini Year 12 health students will be leading this programme, with different students p...

    Tags: vln_primary, rosmini college, projects, health, elearning, matapu, mangatawhiri, key competencies