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  • Looking for balanced research about effects of computer/device use on students in primary schools, please, for a concerned parent. THANKS!

  • Hi all Just a question re cross country. Why do we do this in schools? Has anyone made changes? Stopped it altogether? How does it fit? :)

  • Read the latest Ed Gazette for an update on the Network for Learning and when schools can start to sign up http://bit.ly/HEiRbj

  • First 21 schools joining N4L announced http://bit.ly/16Am7Sa

  • Using the e-Learning Planning Framework: How have different schools managed the process? http://ow.ly/lN2Zc #vln #elpf

  • Having recently been tagged by several schools to help guide their 'next steps' as a school - am here now to see what's here for them too...

  • High-5s and woots! to Kate who became Enabling e-Learning's 900th member this week! http://ow.ly/lMKCy

  • Good morning, I am wondering if schools are having difficulty with Snapchat and if anyone know a way to block it at school. Thanks

  • Recordings for both Ministry webinars now online > March webinars to help schools use the N4L managed network http://ow.ly/v0U2s

  • What is the state of play with computing classes in 2ndary schools? Do they still exist and if so what wonderful things are happening?