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  • @kokachrissy Im also presenting on the last breakout 6B on ePorts for high needs students....come along!

  • Great to hear about how the NZC and new Visual Arts standards are increasing options for students in small schools #VisartsPD2011

  • We are at a Lead Teacher Day. I would like to make contact with lead teachers at other area schools throughout NZ

  • reading "ICT for Teaching & ICT for Learning: They are not the same" Computers in NZ Schools http://t.co/PYsJG1Kb

  • Good morning to teachers from Fraser High, exploring the VLN with me this morning:-)

  • @karenmelhuish Mōrena Fraser High. Have a great day and enjoy cruising the VLN with Karen.

  • NZ Sign Language Week - How are we using technologies in schools/classrooms to make learning accessible for all? /discussion/view/804587

  • Learning @ Schools conference 2012.....Breakout 2: Mentoring Digital Learners

  • Just posted some reflections about Learning @Schools on our Curriculum Integration Project blog http://tinyurl.com/7aepstr

  • One World Project http://tiny.cc/8l06w invitation for NZ schools to join. An opportunity to video conference also. Suitable younger students