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  • NZ Education Wikispaces

    Examples of uses of wikispaces in NZ education Communities of Practice...s.com/ Year 13 Chemistry - http://13chem.wikispaces.com/ Mr Van Biology Lessons - http://mrvan.wikispaces.com/Biology+Lessons AO Drama Wiki page -...

  • Video Conferencing at Papanui High School:

    PHS ICT PD –EOY Milestone report: Mr. Joseph Holland ICT PD Facilitator During...here in Christchurch for the following subjects: Physical Education, Physics, Biology and Calculus. The students jo...

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  • Using iPADs, touch screens and PC notebooks to enhance learning in high school science and biology lessons. I am a beginner.

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  • Tony Cairns

    I teach Science and Technology at our local High School. I am passionate about learning and teaching.     PD CST 2015    CST Professional Development Plan      Story   Tagline Science Teacher at Wellington High. Married to P...

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