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  • May/Nov 2011, May 2012: Cluster Programme Goal B

    Outcome B: Teachers who have developed evaluative capacity, professional knowledge and pedagogical understandings to create a digital age learning environment To teach in this way they will have: a pedagogical eLearning framework  personal capacity to use the digital tools required for...

    Tags: netbooks, teachers, manaiakalani

  • Summary of reflections May and November 2011

    Milestone 3/4, 2011   After discussion with the National Facilitator, we decided to add our end of year reflection to the resource published in May 2011.  We believe we have an ongoing story to reflect upon and in this way we can keep it in context. So throughout this summary, *Upda...

    Tags: manaiakalani, Hapara, Fusion Networks, Teacher Dashboard, MET, Manaiakalani Education Trust, Equico, netbooks, 1:1, google apps,

  • May/Nov 2011, May 2012: Cluster Programme Goal A

    Outcome A: Students who are confident, connected, actively involved lifelong learners. They will have: raised student achievement outcomes in literacy  opportunities to develop personal voice  an authentic audience  a digital age learning environment become engaged in thei...

    Tags: tuanz, manaiakalani, Pt England, Ko Awatea, confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners

  • ICTPD 2011 - Milestone 3: Netbook Teachers' Feedback

    In 2011 17 classes across 6 schools have had the opportunity to pioneer a 1:1 learning and teaching environment in their classrooms. For most this was a first and was both exciting and nerve-wracking. Particularly because this is the first time students from Decile 1a communities have been involv...

    Tags: netbooks, netbook teachers, manaiakalani

  • Effective Digital Learning Pedagogies & Environments

    Rebbecca Sweeny (CORE Education) shared a piece of research today. Rebbecca has been working 3 days a week with the Woolf Fisher Research Centre (Prof Stuart McNaughton & Dr Rebecca Jesson) and the Manaiakalani cluster in Tamaki Auckland (Pt England School et al) on a project funded...

    Tags: research, manaiakalani,

  • St Pius X Consultation with Parents

    The consultation with parents in the Manaiakalani cluster is extremely important as these are the people who will be monitoring the students when the 1:1 devices are at home. The consultation evening at St Pius X Catholic School was to allow the parents to share their ideas towards questions abo...

    Tags: Manaiakalani, netbooks, consultation, parents, 1:1 devices,

  • May/Nov 2011, May 2012: Cluster Programme Goal D

    Outcome D:  To build collaborative capacity in the stakeholding agencies to enable them to contribute powerfully to improved education outcomes in Tamaki They will need to: engage with the students as digital age learners  ensure appropriate infrastructure and support is availab...

    Tags: stakeholders, Manaiakalani, MET, Fusion Network, Hapara, Norrcom, EdTech,

  • Tamaki Primary School: media profile

    Tamaki Primary School was featured in the East and Bays Courier, April 29 2011 edition.

    Tags: Tamaki Primary, Manaiakalani, netbooks,

  • Giving Children a Voice

    This article was published in the Education Gazette In early August this year, the US federal government funded a New Zealand delegation of the Cognition Institute principal consultant Nicola Meek, Juanita and Albany Senior high School teacher Alec Solomon (see story this page) to present at the...

    Tags: cognition, Manaiakalani, Juanita Garden, Pt England School

  • Learn, Create, Share: Lead Teachers Reflect

    Lead Teachers from Manaiakalani took some time recently to consider the Learn, Create, Share framework in their classrooms. The purpose was to explore how the framework is providing students with multiple opportunities to learn and reflect on their learning. Specifically we were interested in how...

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