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  • Jan Coleman

    About me: ...it students. I have been a part of the e-learning community in NZ for yonks in various roles.  I have worked as an e-learning / leadership & management facilitator on the SSS...

  • Mana Education Centre

    About me: Mana Education Centre is a charitable trust established by local schools and interested parties in 2006.  We offer professional development opportunities to educators from Early Childhood through to Secondary, including parents, as well as educational resources and meeting space.  Contact email: courses@manaeducationcentre.org.nzWebsite: www.manaeducationcentre.org.nz

  • Chrissie Butler

    Skills: change management

  • Alan Curtis

    About me: ...cross Auckland. Passionate about schools - my daughter calls me a "school groupie".  I am particularly focussed on the empowerment we have as self managing schools.

  • Kelliem

    About me: ...ng personally and professionally. I have a view to making eLearning more manageable at a classroom level by developing eCompetencies which breaks it down into 5 more manageable chunks. wikispaces; NP...

  • Megan Melvin

    Skills: project management

  • Jane Armstrong Bos

    About me: ...rently work for CORE Education in two roles: project manager for the Enabling e-Learning website project manager for the Inclusive Educatio...I create content for both of these websites as well as managing the teams. I want to m...Brief description: Project Manager Enabling e-Learning & Inclusive EducationSkills: content managment systems

  • Theresa Bosch

    About me: ..., I worked closely with our Database Administrator to ensure our Student Management System - KAMAR is used...shared vision for ICT at Baradene and the use of Ultranet - our Learning Management System within the colle...

  • stephanienorrie

    About me: A background in secondary education and principalship. A leadership and management facilitator with Team S...rs on the Leadership BES and Ka Hikitia First Time Principal mentoring Managing a TEC funded project with...

  • Sue Leslie

    About me: I work for Evaluation Associates Ltd in Auckland. My background is in secondary science education and senior management. I have worked at EAL for 6 years as an AtoL facililitator and...