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  • Literacy Across the Curriculum Thanks to Suzie for the update on Spidermap tools for me to play with before i get my students to use. An acknowledgement also to Siobhan for the ups.

  • Still time to register for our LIVE WEBINAR: Using e-tools purposefully for assessment of literacy (primary), 17 Apr http://bit.ly/12ewI0r

  • There's still time to sign up for tomorrow's WEBINAR: How can we use e-tools purposefully for assessment of literacy? http://bit.ly/12ewI0r

  • Webinar on using e-tools to support literacy assessment/OTJs flying along - Twitter stream #ePLD

  • #webinar Using e-tools purposefully for assessment of literacy at primary > All resources will be posted here http://ow.ly/k8x0y #ePLD

  • Really like the emphasis on #literacy skills in this video, rather than the digital tools: http://ning.it/1fywv1H

  • Can anyone give me links to actual research in relation to the use of ipads/tablets for the improvement of literacy in the classroom?

  • @ Jude Lees: link (not NZ) to research/case study on integrating iPads to teach print-based and digital literacy goals http://bit.ly/PZoiHv

  • I'm thinking of starting a resource that breaks down possible e-learning tools to support digital literacy skills. Are you keen to join me?

  • http://tinyurl.com/3tml2w5 What are you planning for digital literacy in your school or classroom for 2014? Req reading from Becta.