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  • Deciding on the right Learning Management System (LMS)

    Year Level: Primary and Intermediate Cluster Type: Traditional ICT PD Cluster Context: This is the second year of our Arataki ICT PD cluster (2010 - 2012). The cluster has four schools - three contributing primaries and one intermediate. The four principals have, over some...

    Tags: lms, Knowledgenet, Ultranet, primary, reflective summary, ict pd, Arataki Cluster, MLE,

  • Using moodle as a learning tool

     What was our key cluster goal? Three years ago Hamilton Girls' High School (HGHS) and Hillcrest High School (HHS) started meeting together to form an ICT PD Cluster. The aim for our cluster was to have an LMS in place by the end of the three years. Both schools had been to MOE roadshows wh...

    Tags: Moodle 2, secondary schools, lms, Cobham connections,

  • LMS as a tool for organisation, networking and engagement.

    The Following is a Reflection by the Kareti Cluster for their ICTPD Milestone 5,  April 2011 What was important for us? Throughout the current reporting period we have had an online focus.  To continue using our LMS as a tool for Organisation, Networking and Engagement of our ...

    Tags: vln, lms, Ultranet, networking, communication,

  • Establishing a Learning Management System (Our KnowledgeNet Journey) - Orini Full Primary, Coalface Cluster

    Overview of use of the KNet LMS within our school View more presentations from Orini5 What was important for us? To develop a learning management system which; -          Encourages students to monitor and reflect on their learning and receive t...

    Tags: Orini Combined School, KNet, lms, KnowlegeNet, Coalface Cluster

  • Saint Peter’s College ICTPD Reflective Summary - Creating exciting online learning environments

    Goal: Teachers use the Ultranet and other ICT tools to extend opportunities for learning.  UsingUltranet to create exciting online learning environments for each faculty. Background: Saint Peter’s College is an urban school situated in Grafton in the heart of Auckland city. There a...

    Tags: Ultranet, lms, pd, ict cluster reflection

  • Reflections on Interoperability

    Dear All The 'whats and wheres' are on KnowledgeNET in the form of a bakery cabinet!  Go here and click away happily. This cabinet is designed to help you with the different aspects of synching your data from your SMS to your LMS, helping your parents and caregivers with instructions and lo...

    Tags: secondary, interoperability, birkenhead college, octopus cluster, LMS, SMS, KnowledgeNET, KAMAR, synch, synching, ict pd, milestone, VLN, reflection,

  • Kids Rewired - Real Inquiry facilitated by elearning & Powerful PLD

    Kids Rewired Highlights 2012 from r[E]wired on Vimeo. Kids Rewired - Real Inquiry facilitated by elearning & Powerful PLD Inquiry Synopsis KIDS REWIRED  is a student led inquiry as well as an innovative Kids conference with a difference. It is a conference which is organised BY stud...

    Tags: vln, inquiry, pld, Tauranga Moana, MLE, LMS, Ultranet