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Results for "Inquiry learning"


  • Malene

    About me: ...land for 14 years. i have taught at most levels of Primary School. My expertise includes Literacy, Assessment for Learning, Curriculum Design, Coaching and Mentoring, Inquiry Learning. I believe all children shou...

  • Yvette Hardaker

    About me: Digital class, Inquiry learning, elearning, exploring MLE..., Team Leader

  • Christine Lepper

    Skills: Literacy and Inquiry Learning

  • Sue Rogers

    About me: ...west coast of south island), set up and facilitated ILP and E for Years 0 to 6. Introduced Growth Mindset, Solo, Learning pit, Critical thinking through student voice and inquiry learning to a very traditional and con...Skills: Inquiry learning

  • Michelle Allemann

    About me: ...ornings and I run a play to learn type programme at school with the NE students in the afternoons. I enjoy teaching literacy, Inquiry learning and Art.  I am always learning, and I am interested in heari...