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  • Working with Tony Ryan at Tahunanui School

    Since beginning the ICT Contract with the Whakatu Cluster Tahunanui School has been developing our school curriculum through integrating key competencies and experimenting with inquiry learning.  Last week 6 teachers from Tahunanui School‘s Inquiry Team spent a morning working with T...

    Tags: tony ryan, inquiry, whakatu cluster, key competencies

  • Beyond our context: another look at "Inquiry"

    I discovered Lesley Hazleton, author of the blog, The Accidental Theologist a few months ago - a treasure unearthed from the great abyss of YouTube, following a lead from the TED blog. She illuminates for me another aspect of 'inquiry" and prompts me once again to look beyond the education ...

    Tags: inquiry

  • Reflective summary: Developing a Shared Understanding of Digital Citizenship at Kuranui School

    I have just finished reading the Kuranui school reflection as part of the Matamata DistrICT cluster. I particularly enjoyed reading this because I have visited this school, so I could envision the story unfolding there.Part of addressing ICT PD national goal 1, Schools will use e-learning to give...

    Tags: ict pd, reflective summary, inquiry, digital citizenship, key competencies

  • Following a Passion Inquiry Unit

    Our Inquiry focus has been developed over the past 4-5 years.  Over this time we have seen the evolution of what we do as teachers as well as the change in our students.  We developed our own Inquiry Process based on Kath Murdoch's model.  Our next step was to then discover the int...

    Tags: inquiry, thinking

  • myPortfolio in the Secondary Classroom

    Hi there, I've been trialing using myPortfolio to support students inquiry learning in NCEA L1 Geography. Students have been using myPortfolio as both a textbook and a workbook with some good results. I have written up the results of my action research here: http://myportfolio.school.nz/vi...

    Tags: myportfolio, NCEA, inquiry

  • SPOTLIGHT WEBINAR: What is Collaborative Inquiry?

    Part of this thread: What is collaborative inquiry? Image source: Pixabay: Blank sign banner, CCO

    Tags: play, back, on, demand, webinar, recording, collaboration, teacher, professional, inquiry, spirals, evidence, based

  • Reminder to join the DDTA


    Tags: inquiry, technologies, digital, design, learning, space, building, resources, activities, digital-technologies, computer-science

  • Remote Learning a range of DT Activities

    A resource I am building for Remote Learning with activities over a range of ages and levels. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1waiNavlmXDTVuBrMqmJ1sNUxsx4BbF08V1ll4g8K8u4/edit?usp=sharing

    Tags: inquiry, technologies, digital, design, learning, building, resources, activities, digital-technologies, computer-science, home, remote-learning

  • Mid year Inquiry, Thinking and ICT update

    It has been great visiting classes and holding discussions lately based around our use of ICT and the development of Inquiry Learning within our school. Good dialogue occurred after recent Kath Murdoch PD about the use of student voice and choice as an area we need to develop. Some of the followi...

    Tags: Somerset, e-learning, ICT, Inquiry, student voice, thinking, graphic organisers

  • Leader or Manager?


    Tags: Communicate, Fun, Inquiry, Leader, Learning Plan, Manager, Meetings, Professional Learning, Staff, Students