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  • Waltham Primary

    Waltham Primary

    This is a space for resources, links and conversations in relation to the Learning with Digital Technologies project at Waltham School. Check out: Getting started on the VLN: If you're new to VLN, check out this site and find other groups to join by clicking on the Groups link above. Managing ...

    Tags: Blended e-Learning, PLD, BeL, Inquiry, Waltham, LDT

  • Faye Mayo

    I am a Deputy Principal at a full primary school in Petone.This year I am working along with a collegue in our new MLE  Year7&8 and am gathering new ideas and practice to develop our programme.I am a practictioner Evaluator for our LCN cluster.I would class myself as a digital immigrant so ne...

    Skills: Literacy, Inquiry, Working with students with Dyslexia, School Management & administration

  • Mary Woods

    I am a teacher at Mount Maunganui Intermediate and I am always interested in integrating ICT into my classroom porgamme. Like to try new things all the time to engage my students.  I have been a lead leader in ICT at my previous school and this year I am incharge of leading the learning with ICT...

    Skills: Can integrate ICT, ICT embedded in my classroom practice, Teacher of Future Problem Solving, Inquiry, Science, English, Mathematics and PE. Team leader.

  • Stories of Change - Putaruru Primary School

    Tags: Putaruru Primary School, Stories of Change, Ki o Rahi, Inquiry, Maori achieving success as Maori

  • Robyn Hamilton

    I have taught a wide range of year levels over my career so far; every year group from New Entrant to Year 7 & 8 except Year 3. I am currently in a Y7&8 composite class at a busy Intermediate, with responsibilities for eLearning and Inquiry, and I am also the teacher in charge of Drama. ...

    Tags: eLearning, Inquiry, Future-Oriented learning, Drama

  • My students want to create a website?

    Tags: Inquiry, learning process, website creation, ICT

  • ASIA - Our Closest Neighbour

    ASIA - Our Closest Neighbour   Have you ever thought about who New Zealand’s closest neighbour is? Do you want to learn about Asia today and possibilities for our futures? This is an inquiry unit designed for students in year 4-8. We will be inquiring into Asia, using a Ko...

    Tags: online learning, asia aware, Korea, Inquiry, student project

  • How may inquires are too many?

    Tags: Inquiry, teachers ideas, thoughts, future focus, new learning, innovation