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  • RawiriMckinney

    About me: ...blown away by the experience. Limited spaces 2010. Register on the site and do the start-up activities if keen. Email me if you would like any more information

  • Chris Le Cren

    About me: ...of teaching and leadership positions in secondary schools and have a passion for innovative teaching and learning with ICT. If you would like more information about what we do at eT...

  • Jacqui Sharp

    Contact email: info@jsharp.co.nz

  • Christie Stephenson

    About me: I am interested in Psychology, If you have any useful or interesting information on the topic of Psychology please contact me on my email address, thankyou (:

  • Andrew

    Skills: random access of random information for no apparent reason for no specific purpose.

  • Theresa Bosch

    About me: ...t the work done by the team, I worked closely with our Database Administrator to ensure our Student Management System - KAMAR is used in a way that informs the Deans and teachers as...

  • Jamie Power

    About me: ...ching years 5/6. I finished my 2 year Reading Recovery training last year. I really enjoy teaching VIsual Arts, Literacy, elearning, PE and sharing information about transformers. I...

  • Stuart Hale

    About me: ...the last 8 years tours of exemplar schools in California - current emphasis is on looking at large scale deployment of iPads If you require more information contact me directly

  • Richard Knuckey

    About me: HoD e-learning at Queen Margaret College, teacher of digital technology and psychology (International Baccalaureate), keen sports fan, part-time music/film critic and all round general news and info junkie.

  • Pamela Dunn

    Skills: "information literacy" "esol"