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  • Mobile networks in Schools

    ...earning opportunities. Up until 2009 I was confident that our internet security at school protected students...are giving students affordable access anytime, anywhere.  All our security at the network gateway to the...

  • My Journey and UFB

    ...one and only cable link to New Zealand comes from. So factor that into any future thinking and negotiations. We factored in service and support, security, web filtering, contract term...

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  • B. I. S

    ...m spillages by eating or drinking well away from the ICT equipment. Security and Privacy Protect your w...insulted. To protect yourself and the systems, you should respect the security on the computers; attempting...

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  • Netsafe


    Netsafe is an independent non-profit organisation with an unrelenting focus on online safety and security. Our purpose is to enable all New Zealand internet users to confidently...

  • Microsoft Office 365 for Education   Q & A

    Microsoft Office 365 for Education Q & A

    ...faculty and students exciting new ways to collaborate. Easy to administer and even easier to use, Microsoft’s Office 365 is backed by the robust security and guaranteed reliability yo...


  • Learn Government Risk Management

    Unlike some other parts of IT, risk management has very little learning curve. So its great if you love IT but have very little technical background. It also pays very well. RMF for DoD IT sometimes called DIARMF, is actually a modification to DIACAP that is definitely derived from the NIST 800-...

    Tags: RMF, DIARMF, risk management framework, government risk management, computer security, IT security, IT, government IT, risk management