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  • Jo Gibson

    About me: ...ipal, beaming in from Masterton, with:   Unitec, Auckland (working remotely...Moodle, alongside guidance for writers / facilitators when writin...irtually' out to other schools - with the Learn-Now programme and...ns/eLearning) ESOL contract work with the MOE for ELLINZ online -...

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  • Learning@Schools iPad links

    .... Some great ideas. Love the iBrainstorm app. http://learnersandthinkerswithipadsandipods.wikispaces.com/...of great ideas. Apps by Year group. Love the Epic App for Year 7 & 8 Literacy. http://ipaddle.wikispa...

  • Melding Traditional Methods with E-Learning

    Retelling of a favourite stories has long been a stock standard writing tool for classrooms and teachers.  ...f this is using spicynodes in conjunction with the DATT tool C&S (conse...he story.  We are now using this to write our retell.  http://mda...

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  • Digital Teaching

    Image from the document 'Enhancing teachers' take-up of digital content: factors and design principles in technology adoption'.

  • LCO Handbook

    This is a draft version of the new LCO Handbook. The first 10 pages of this are being rewritten att he moment. It is possible to use the handbook from page 10 on. This Guide will be renamed ae the Schools Coommunities Online - A Guide for Schools

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  • Paula's Pages

    Initially looked at Paula Jamieson's wikipage through the...are also some good pages for teacher PD, especially with Voicethread.  I will pa...teachers at Tahunanui School and whom I am working with across the cluster....

  • Software for Learning - Snapshots

    ...hots of Learning illustrate how software and digital content, from Digistore and...are intended as a taster to the software and digital content – an indicat...ning are posted on the Software for Learning website Download the Snapshot Templ...

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  • Joy says it's time for some science - this is inspirational - how do you help others with your rubbish? http://bit.ly/OA8yKw

  • Safer Internet Day: what's it all about? Check out Jane's post here http://bit.ly/1Dd3MKk and share your stories here http://bit.ly/1ESUmFY

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  • Giving Children a Voice

    ...Zealand delegation of the Cognition Institute principal consultant Nicol...ds. The school has made a commitment to improve the educationa...ry and secondary schools. Juanita is a Pt England representati...ngland’s successes, Juanita took the opportunity to lear...

  • The Third I-Connect Mini Conference

    ...ful half day conferences. This year it was decided to have a full da...rom contributing schools and the Digital Daze Cluster. As well as t...the first time. As well as the digital advisers from each school b...Workshops The food The collegiality  ...

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  • Phase 2: Scoping

      Once there is a commitment to proceed, and a level of ‘...to form and operate. The scoping activities may be undertaken internally by members of the community, or by an independent consul...onal development needs. Technology audits and reviews. Funding models...

  • Introduction

      Learning Communities Online Virtual Learning School clusters and LCOs The 4 Ps How to use this handbook

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  • VLN Website Development

    VLN Website Development

    A place to discuss the ongoing development of the VLN Website. Got a suggestion?    Join this group Go to Group Discussion > Add a topic  Post your suggestion in a new thr...

  • Regional ICT PD Clusters

    Regional ICT PD Clusters

    This is a place where Regional personnel can find resources that are either obligatory or useful (or both) and can come together to share ideas and opportunities.

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