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  • Enabling e-Learning website is live in TKI

    The Enabling e-Learning site is now live on TKI!   Enabling e-Learnin...-learning practice. Enabling e-Learning will continually evolve and change in response to feedback from...

  • Free online programmes at the Smithsonian

    Dear Education Professional: We are pleased to...onianconference.org/shout/conference-change/ Wednesday, March 16, 2011,...biology, deforestation, and climate change? Museum educators Suzannah Ni...onianconference.org/shout/conference-change/This conference is part of SH...

  • Leadership of Lead Teachers

    In your role as formal leaders of e-Learning in your schools, how do you effectively lead e-learning development and measure the success of e-learning in supporting learning and achievement in your schools.

  • Leadership of Principals

    As the strategic and operational leaders in your schools, how can you effectively integrate e-learning in your schools and strategically continue to keep up with the developments (while ensuring the students are actually achieving more as a result)?

  • Planning for Change

    Use this page to include information on planning for change.

  • Papanui

    The Principal and Board have been very supportive of ICT this year. They have purchased extra sets of netbooks for st...has moved from Christchurch to Rotorua. However, three members of the Senior Leader...

  • Tahunanui School

    WORK IN PROGRESS At Tahunanui School we have been developing our AUP for our students, staff and community.  The...nbsp;  This is what we have come up so far.  Next steps; share with leader...

  • Birchwood

    Birchwood School   Developing our AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) or DCP (Digital Cit...our school.        To Consider How can we change our agreement so that it beco...

  • Principal reflections

    November 2012 - The Contract Comes to An End Director and Principal of Mokoia Intermediate - Deborah Epp reflects on...ipal of Rangitahi College - Dawn Mita-Pehi - /groupcms/view/690699/principals-leader...

  • Our People

    ...rtant aspect of Brian’s leadership is to encourage participants...as a chief policy advisor and change manager in the Ministry of Educat...thinking about what they can change to improve the learning envir...f Education Team Learning and Change Networks Jackie Talbot,...