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  • 2011 Milestone templates 3 and 5

      Milestone templates (3 and 5) are now published in their final form (click on links or download attached). Support on how to complete these is found in the milestone templates themselves. Additional support can also be found @ Milestone Support MaterialMilestone 3 template 2011   &nb...

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  • Barb Curran

    I am a lead teacher at Pleasant Point Primary School in the Aoraki Rural Cluster  

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  • Mrs Care

    Tags: ict, environmental sustainability

  • Starting out in the VLN

    Stage 1: How to start a group in the Virtual Learning NetworkThe VLN starts with you. It starts with sharing enough information about yourself to connect with others online.1. What does a full profile look like? To enable people to get a better idea of who you are online, you will need a full ...

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  • Goal 5: Sharing online professional reflections

    Goal 5: Sharing online professional reflections This PDF file is a support guide to help cluster personnel upload their summaries into the VLN. It is designed to help you prepare and submit your online professional reflection, rather than a process for guiding professional reflections as such. Y...

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  • Introduction to the Virtual Learning Network

      Welcome to the Virtual Learning Network (VLN)  |  / This is a social learning community that supports learning through the use of ICTs. The VLN provides educators and students with an online portal allowing them to connect, find virtual programmes/projects, share experiences,...

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  • iPlus ICT Cluster

    iPlus ICT Cluster

    iPlus is an ICT cluster formed with the following schools: New Lynn School (Lead School), Kelston Intermediate, Mt Albert Primary, Mangere Central School and Kohia Terrace School. Vision Our vision is to create a community of diverse partners where all cultures and groups are valued for the co...

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  • ICT PD cluster documentation

    Information on reflective summaries and ICT PD cluster documentation can be found in the following links... 2012 Resources   Information for exiting clusters 2010 - 2012 cohort Milestone 6 template Live seminars to help with exiting requirements    2011 resourc...

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  • The great debate continues..

      The following conversations about Digital citizenship, Teaching as Inquiry, 21st Century literacies and Online communities are hugely beneficial to schools who share common goals on the ICT PD programme.  Jump in whenever you feel the urge&nbs...

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  • Acceptable Use Policies

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