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  • I am keen to know how many people do P4C,and would be interested in ICT resources to assist with facilitation of P4C?

  • ICT Minister Amy Adams announced 11 more schools in Christchurch to be connected to UFB. Enabling e-Learning newsfeed http://bit.ly/zZSQxj

  • Are you in an #ICTPD school or cluster? Here's an update from @tessagray >> http://bit.ly/H5Z4Od

  • Looking for a student ICT survey, which looks at the tools as well as the pedagogy? Please add your own ideas @ http://bit.ly/HfxP3o

  • I am in the middle of an ICT PD meeting with Principals and e-leaders in our cluster.

  • Baradene - ICT PD cluster

  • ICT PD milestone 5 reporting templates available now online @ /pg/groupcms/view/44787/

  • Looking forward to meeting my students today Level One ICT

  • Thanks Diane Mill s for organising the ICTPD regional meeting inHamilton. Lovely to meet Chrissie Butler, Janelle Riki & Warren Hall.

  • Gee - wish the profile background didn't take on the background colour. Means no pictures or dark colours or it becomes unreadable.