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  • Hi Dave Met u in Rotorua, Monty Soutar's son. Anyway just joined this group as part of my ICTPD requirements. Having to write a milestone

  • @stephensoutar Kia ora again Stephen, I'm here to help as the online facilitator for ICT PD. What's the name of your ICT PD cluster?

  • Heck - it pays to check the junk box - have just found an invite to a group here... Hello now to the team in the ICT PD group :).

  • 135 members in the ICT PD Online group and counting.../pg/groups/27633/ict-pd-online/

  • Have you been uploading ICT PD reflective summaries? Then tell us what you think @ /pg/groupcms/view/53312/

  • Don't forget to tell us how you went uploading the ICT PD Online reflective summaries @ /pg/groupcms/view/53312/

  • Do you lead ICT professional learning in your school? Then this is a thread for you :-) http://bit.ly/jgSssY

  • Latest ICT PD newsletter out now @ http://centre4.core-ed.net/382/85567

  • A powerful conversation for ICT PD cluster leaders - not to be missed @ http://fizurl.com/technophobes

  • Please share your experiences for uploading ICT PD reflective summaries online, so we can revise for next time http://fizurl.com/survey