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  • ICT PD: Invention as Learning - http://staffdevelop.org/invent.html, how teachers learn best http://staffdevelop.org/howteacherslearn.html

  • @karenmelhuish I think so but I'm not good at the legal stuff. Looking forward 2 Creative Commons workshop we hope to have soon 2 learn more

  • all breakouts booked WOHOOO!! cant wait. Im soo keen to learn more knowledge and skills

  • 2nd day at U-learn.Well, one new thing I am definitely going to try is using Google Doc for everything you can do on Microsoft Office.

  • Had a fantastic time at the U-Learn conference. It was overwhelming and definitely rewarding. Check out this U-learn site http://edtalks.org

  • I'm training to learn about Ultranet

  • i think that if the person wanting to be employed is willing to go the extra mile and learn then that should be considered

  • Check out today's November Challenge post from Guest Blogger, Stephanie - what can teachers learn from 'geeks'? http://bit.ly/ufaErf

  • I have added a resource page to my Edublog http://allanahk.edublogs.org/resources/ Feel free to use and learn.

  • Made it into the VLN and into My Portfolio ... lots to learn and looking forward to the journey.