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  • Checking out the VLN. Finding my way around and making Friends.......

  • ICT PD clusters Elluminate live session Tuesday May 10th starting at 2:15pm. To register your interest, go to http://goo.gl/JvSMA

  • Want to know how to use this space more? Go to /pg/pages/view/69158/ and register your interest for the LIVE event.

  • Thinking- I wonder under what cc licence people publish photos to on the VLN? Is there small print I haven't read that tells me?

  • just making contacts with my new friends, and learning what comes with VLN and the resources we can use.

  • working through what Kaitao Intermediate School is looking at for tablets for every student, B09 Google Android 2.2 10.1 inch

  • Working my way through all the new member notices in my inbox. Bowled over by the HUGE interest in Enabling e-Learning. Ka rawe, everyone:-)

  • Just announced: Student network for learning: /pg/blog/read/166740/just-announced-student-network-for-learning

  • Can you help Monika? >> Prezi for students, but school has no student email access policy http://bit.ly/ICF7FW

  • How do you know if ICT is making a difference - and does it matter? /mod/threaded_forums/topicposts.php?topic=307218