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  • e-LfA Cluster Hamilton

    e-LfA Cluster Hamilton

    Our cluster is located in Hamilton and comprises two schools of varying size, Hamilton's Fraser High School and Sacred Heart Girls' College Hamilton. We are in the third year of our ICT contract.

  • Cobham Connections

    Cobham Connections

    Cobham Connections is an ICT PD Cluster incorporating teachers from Hillcrest High School and Hamilton Girls' High School in Hamilton. We are in our third year of the contract.

  • Diversifying Adobe

    Diversifying Adobe

    ...lls in this package and to consider a range of teaching methods.  Included are members of; The Maori Medium NCEA project, Haka Project, Hamilton GSE Pilot and RTLB. Training...

  • Connected Cluster

    Connected Cluster

    ...uster came about from a group of educators in Hamilton wishing to work with others f...etterment of the learners with in the region. Hamilton East Primary , Southwell Scho...xperiencing would be of interest to the whole Hamilton/Waikato community. The commun...

  • SJC GATE Development Group

    SJC GATE Development Group

    This group is for those staff involved with the development of Gifted and Talented Education at St John's College in Hamilton. It is an important resource to chart and evaluate the progress of initiatives at the college.

  • Whitiora School

    Whitiora School

    Whitiora School is a small Yr 0 to Yr 8 school in Hamilton. "A great little school in the heart of the city"

  • Dual Medium Schools

    Dual Medium Schools

    ...us year, I have worked with two principals in Hamilton, Rubina Wheeler and Christine...We have been well supported by MOE staff from Hamilton and there has been interest f...from four hui we held in the central region- Hamilton, Tauranga, Hawkes Bay, East C...

  • Hamilton Connected Teachers

    Hamilton Connected Teachers

    This group is to encourage teachers from Hamilton to make connections, to build confidence and capability in using digital technology for teaching and learning.   All Hamilton teachers are warmly invited a...

  • PB4L Restorative Practice

    PB4L Restorative Practice

    ...velop understanding of the Kete and how it can be used. We are very proud of our team, including the folks in the office at Innovation Park in Hamilton, who keep us organised and ge...