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  • Mt. Roskill Grammar School ICT PD

      MRGS: ICT PD. A smart approach to Professional Learning. What do we want to achieve? At Mt. Roskill Grammar School, we are looking to develop effective and resposive teaching pedagogies aimed at assisting our students to become successful, powerful learners who are active and responsib...

    Tags: mrgs, plcs, plgs, roskill, grammar, professional learning, professional learning, self review, self review model, mrgs curriculum, school curriculum, lead team, e-learning lead team

  • www.literacylogic.com

    I have developed this website as an aide to supporting literacy learning in the classroom. It has been designed to follow the Jolly Learning phonics and grammar programme. I would love some feedback from anyone in relation to how useful you think this resource may be and who would use it. I would...

    Tags: literacy logic, literacy, phonics, grammar, jolly learning, english, esol, language

  • Tex's French Grammar

    Another recommendation - great sites for French teachers 

    Tags: french, resources, grammar

  • Punctuation Grammar Check for Docs

    Tags: google docs, grammar, punctuation

  • Snipper (Banned)

    Grammar Checker For French

    Writing in French is quite troublesome as the chances of making grammar error are high. One needs to be highly expert to write in French. to help the writers, a number of French grammar checkers are present that remove the mistakes and replace them with corrected word. &nb...

    Tags: grammar, french, check

  • How a Lead Team grew our Learning Community at MRGS

    Growing our Learning Communities at MRGS What was important? Building communities of learning for staff and students at Mt Roskill Grammar School using web-based collaborative spaces to support teaching and learning. Our Goal What happened To support relevant and student ...

    Tags: MRGS, Mount, MRGS reflective summary, Roskill, Grammar, Mt Roskill, Mt Roskill Grammar School, e-learning planning framework, lead team, plc, plcs, Professional learning, myportfolio, ilearn, i-learn, moodle, blogs, formative practice

  • An Integrated Approach to Lifting Student Achievement at MRGS (Reflective Summary)

      An Integrated Approach to Lifting Student Achievement   At Mt. Roskill Grammar School, we want all of our students to be successful powerful learners who are active and responsible citizens. To this end, we have taken a multi-directional approach to raising student achievement....

    Tags: MRGS, Raising Student Achievement, Lead Team, Roskill, Grammar, Mt Roskill Grammar School, LMS, Mentoring, Tracking, Student achievement

  • Nicholas Lekakis

    I really love e-learning: it puts you on the cutting-edge of pedagogy and has all sorts of exciting potential for students. 

    Skills: Painting, e-learning, Grammar