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  • Sophie's ilearn staff pd inquiry

      Inquiry: What happens when teachers are given opportunities for ongoing e-lea...me in making it a more accessible, more easily navigated, and valued learning space....holds the promise of Fibre arriving to the school gate, and mu...

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  • Administration & Support Strategies

      Focus Establish LCO level management team and systems. Explanation In a...thdrawals, attendance administrative pathways between students, teachers and coordinators in schools e.g. publishing of...

  • Finance/Funding

    ...transparent to all key stakeholders. Investigate a wide range of funding sourc...ience to be responsible for finances. Investigate other LCO funding models. Co...als and deputy Principals; eTeachers; eDeans, Coordinators, and Facilitators; and studen...

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  • SJC GATE Development Group

    SJC GATE Development Group

    This group is for those staff involved with the development of Gifted and Talented Education at St John's College in Hamilton. It is an important resource to chart and evaluate the progress of initiatives at the college.

  • Catering for GATE students with e-learning tools

    Catering for GATE students with e-learning tools

    This is a group to explore ways of using e-learning tools to help extend GATE students. We are looking for examples of this in action. This is an open group so feel free to add your own bookmarks and comments.

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  • Bay of Plenty GATE

    Bay of Plenty GATE

    Through this forum our members seek to share and build our understanding of gifted education. We aim to  identify and support our gifted and talented students in the Bay of Plenty.

    Tags: Bay of Plenty, gifted education, GATE coordinators

  • Waikato GATE Coordinators

    Waikato GATE Coordinators

    A place for Waikato GATE Coordinators to share resources and ideas related to working with gifted and talented students.

    Tags: gifted, talented, Waikato, GATE Coordinators