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  • Catch the recording & webinar notes & continue the discussion in our Google apps thread > /discussion/view/833766

  • Emily Keenan wants to hear stories of how people are using GAFE in Junior classrooms. http://bit.ly/19VC1mR Is this you?

  • Do you really know HOW to get the best search results out of Google? Some great tips for you & your learners http://bit.ly/16FvaOr

  • What's the reality of Students/Teachers/Whānau feedback using GAFE at secondary? Check out Tim Gander's insights @ http://bit.ly/1h3YW9k

  • When is the VLN better than a Google search? When it looks like this >>> http://bit.ly/1fhnFSR

  • N4L webinar on the portal on now in Google Hangouts > http://bit.ly/19dLDjB

  • Let's talk Google! 2nd meet Friday 21 March, 4.30pm, Mokoia Intermediate http://bit.ly/1i3bn60 ->Add to our doc

  • 21 March - Connected Rotorua mtg 'Let's talk Google' /groups/profile/849259/connected-rotorua-teachers

  • I used to use camtasia. Jing is another tool but not sure of Win 8 update. Google 'screencasting'? Good luck!

  • I run two Google accounts, one ea for work and for private. Within work I also have a 'private' folder which is shared with both accounts.