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  • Interested to know if anyone has used Google+ ? http://www.cepnz.co.nz/g4teaching.html (in Ed Gazette).

  • @Jane.Armstrong Bother - suspected as much. Enjoying working on Milestone by Google Doc though!

  • Can anyone tell me how to merge cells on a table on a Google Word Doc? The Help tab only tells me how to merge cells on a spreadsheet.

  • @mrshyde short answer is you can't. You can nest tables though. Or use an old style Google doc and edit the html http://bit.ly/JsD5DK

  • Google Educator exams. I am want to find people to join my group "Google Educator" so we can ask questions, support each other. I need help

  • Proxy Anonymiser challenges - try to prevent extensions, but how to force users to login to Google?

  • Does anyone know if you can have 2 drives in google so 1 can be for school filing cabinet & 1 personal?

  • How do I add macrons for words in te reo in Google Docs? Thanks!

  • Interested in joining Connected Rotorua Teachers group?https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ongN91u8CT0sjIpcwFHI4HUMd10hPrZRt5YfvscwFzM/viewform

  • Absolutely lovin' using Moodle, Mahara and Google Docs together in the classroom for my seniors digital portfolio's....