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  • Making your own eBooks

    There are many web 2.0 tools and apps available for making eBooks. Working online...here are thousands of other possibilities as any Google search for "eBook maker" will show.  Encour...

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  • We are interested in what furniture is working well in MLE/MLP and why this is the case?

  • Getting ready for the Maker culture webinar this afternoon with Nicki and Leanne. Join us at 3.45: http://connect.vln.school.nz/eelwebinar/

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  • Gamer. Maker. Teacher.

    Gamer. Maker. Teacher.

    I'll be honest, I started this group because of the conversations I read in another discussion about the 'gamification' of education. Many of the comments...

  • Digital Technologies: Ideas, implementation, inspiration for the new curriculum.

    Digital Technologies: Ideas, implementation, inspiration for the new curriculum.

    A group to help us explore the new Digital Technologies curriculum as it unfolds. Join today to share your thoughts, ideas, experiences and resources. Includes:  Maker Space eLearning Digital tool use Computer thinking Programming and Coding Unplugged and plugged ideas


  • Peter Holmstead

    Kia ora - I'm a Year Six teacher at Houghton Valley School, nestled on the south coast of Wellington. I am the ICT leader for the school, and am also a DigiAdvisor. My passion is growing students into citizens. I see all the work as I do as giving students the ability to operate effectively in ...

    Skills: Furniture Maker, Electronics technician, Studio engineer, Musician