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  • martinh

    Interests: film

  • BecPower

    About me: ...eFellow in 2014, I'm a member of the 'Rock our World' international team & also a participant in ROW, a leader in the Flick It On Collaborative Film Making Project, I was a lead...Website: http://kidzcanfilm.wikispaces.com/

  • Helen Smith

    About me: smithy, as i am known, enjoys long walks on the beach and coffee. i am a highly qualified (and strung) cinematographer who is currently working on the feature film "Scruffy"

  • Steven Wills

    About me: ...ainly based at St Josephs. Specialise in IT - all apple applications, Google products - blogging especially, and am currently engrossed in creating films. My vimeo user page can be...

  • Rachel Wills

    About me: ...reen screening studio (Studio 10) and are planniing to expand our use of film on our blogs. My husband, Ste...husiastic about this (more than one burnt dinner while he's busy editing films) and does some of our ICT re...

  • Nicholas Patrick Brown

    About me: A theatre director and teacher-educator from London, UK; married to Clare and dad to Cooper (six) and Katie (eight); mad-keen football player and sports fan.  Loves Wagamama, Gap and IKEA; Blur, Stephen Sondheim and Kate Bush; films by Powell and Pressburger; Lonely Planet Guides.

  • Jade Tonks

    About me: Currently I teach at Ashburton Intermendiate School. I have a lively bunch of Year 8 students. I started teaching 14 years ago, but worked in the film industry and as a Massage Thera...

  • Marion Douglas

    About me: ...chnology curriculum back in the 90's, lecturing at UoA, co-leading the NCEA Technology implementation nationally and enjoying a year learning about film making with Greenstone Pictur...

  • Richard Knuckey

    About me: HoD e-learning at Queen Margaret College, teacher of digital technology and psychology (International Baccalaureate), keen sports fan, part-time music/film critic and all round general news and info junkie.

  • Kelly Faulkner

    Interests: film