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  • Have you tried new ways of gathering data/evidence using e-tools? Why not share your experiences in our latest forum @ http://bit.ly/WmtE1y

  • Inquiry learning in a secondary school context, any suggestions that will help? This is a new challenge for me and them.

  • Inquiry-based learning, collaboration, curriculum integration - what does it look like in a secondary school? http://bit.ly/1cOTiSy

  • @ Jude Lees: link (not NZ) to research/case study on integrating iPads to teach print-based and digital literacy goals http://bit.ly/PZoiHv

  • I wish the MOE would fund a Teaching as Inquiry findings database or something like that! http://hamishonictsineducation.blogspot.co.nz/

  • Do you have a passion/area of expertise? Maybe a need/area of interest for your teacher inquiry? Try typing key words into the search box...

  • What is your secret inquiry? Find out more in Teaching IS Inquiry from @Madel1ne: http://j.mp/1z8AYAl

  • "What impacts might inquiry learning have on the writing achievement of learners in elementary/primary schools?" Literature review help!

  • Check out NZQA plans for computer based exams. Webinar tomorrow > http://bit.ly/1skIotL

  • Check out NZQA plans for computer based exams. Webinar this afternoon > http://bit.ly/1skIotL