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    also there is dove electronics which have an asus chromebook http://www.dove.co.nz/products/desktops-notebooks-and-servers/notebooks-acer/9864 You might need to find a dealer that works with dove to get these, or contact them

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    Wow, sounds like a real hassle! I've been doing a quick search around on kiwi electronics sites and have only managed to find 2 models (Acer and Samsung). A local organisation is looking at mov...

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    Thanks for the kind words Kris and also this story site suggestion. I have been having a...nt- I love hearing about other people's successful finds. Great to hear your technician has created a 'visual listeni...

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    "The challenge now is to find someone with the time and expertise to work...nd deliver and online introductory electronics class for our kids..... I wil...He uses Arduino (simple and cheap electronics kit) to do music boxes. That'...had no second thought about trying electronic...