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  • Reflections on WATESOL Presentations, Part 2

      Hi everyone Today I am sharing part 2 on the presentations that I attended at the WATESOL expo day. I will be interested to hear what other people have learnt at any of the recent expo events.  Reflections on WATESOL Expo: part 2 TESOL Speed dating – partic...

    Tags: ESOL. ELLs, vocabulary games, vocabulary learning

  • Syrian Refugees, 2016 conferences and Using student's given names

    Syrian Refugees Wellington has welcomed a new group of Syrian refugees to our region so some of you will have new Syrian students being enrolled at your school this week.  You may like to check out my 27 October 2015 update  with useful links to information on Syrian culture and the ...

    Tags: ESOL. ELLs, 2016 conferences, refugees, Syria