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  • Using ELLP to apply for MOE ESOL Funding

    Hi everyone,  Last week I went to a MOE presentation at a local cluster group on the ELLP application process for ESOL funding so this is the focus of today’s post.  I will only highlight the main points and hopefully clarify some of the confusions. I hope that this will be parti...

    Tags: ESOL funding application process, ELLP matrices

  • Module 6: Using ELLP to support ESOL funding applications

    Hi everyone We have a new English language Learning Progressions (ELLP) module on our ESOLonline website designed to help teachers to become familiar with how to use ELLP to support your ESOL Funding Applications. It is module 6 in our ELLP series all designed to provide professional developme...

    Tags: ESOL Funding application process, ELLP PLD