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  • Teaching as Inquiry

    Teaching as Inquiry

    The Teacher inquiry process and knowledge building cycle is a fundamental aspect of a schools process to build the relevant professional knowledge, skills and dispositions. Success for a teacher is on improved achievement by the students.Timperley, H. (2009, August). Using assessment data for imp...

    Tags: DDDM, Evidence based inquiry, data driven decision making, Evidence informed practice, Teaching as Inquiry, T@I

  • Teaching as Inquiry and Evidence

    Schildkamp, Lai, Earl (2012) definition of “data” in the context of schools is information that is collected and organized to represent some aspect of schools. This could include information such as how students perform on a test, observations of classroom teaching, or surveys of wh...

    Tags: data, dddm, evidence, input data, output data, process data, context data