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  • I should have gotten the stats on our BYOD implementation on Friday, I feel Mondays going to go way to quick

  • Video excerpts from a session three Wintec tutors did with the Curriculum Integration Project students last term http://tinyurl.com/79hghj5

  • Been reading our Curriculum Integration Project student blogs. Several have caught the blogging habit! eg http://elliottlia.blogspot.co.nz/

  • Bookmark this page - Earth day ideas for all year http://nzcurriculum.tki.org.nz/Curriculum-resources/National-events-and-the-NZC/Earth-Day

  • Literacy Across the Curriculum Thanks to Suzie for the update on Spidermap tools for me to play with before i get my students to use. An acknowledgement also to Siobhan for the ups.

  • I've finally added a new post to the Curriculum Integration Project! Some reflections on the year http://tinyurl.com/a4kbcoc

  • More from the Curriculum Integration Project: Manaakitanga - kindness, respect and humanity http://tinyurl.com/cgkfmq8

  • Inquiry-based learning, collaboration, curriculum integration - what does it look like in a secondary school? http://bit.ly/1cOTiSy

  • In 2014 our school is embraking on the journey of Curriculum Intergration , how do school's out there track their students learning ...

  • Kia ora, We are a small school developing the use of BYOD and ICT within our curriculum. What are some great schools we could visit in ChCh?