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  • EduCamp Tai Tokerau user-generated 'unconference' focused on e-learning 2nd July http://educampnz.wikispaces.com/Tai+Tokerau #EduCampTT

  • Being driven insane as I go to REPLY to a message and it says there is no user in the database.

  • Well done Carol Moffatt http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/queens-birthday-honours/5103401/Computer-instinct

  • @AllanahK Mine worked until I turned off my 'remember history' function on my computer - does that help?

  • @MarcusNorrish Welcome. Thanks for joining the VLN & iPad user group. It is growing fast.

  • HELP !!! could anyone please tell me how get sound from your computer when an email has arrived???

  • @kokachrissy Hi Chrissy, I use the Puffin web browser. http://bit.ly/krWwNP Also see Ipad user group 'app sharing' http://bit.ly/wIDqJU

  • Looking for the I-pad user group

  • @tessa.gray Lucky. My computer not playing ball. Very glad the session is being recorded and I can listen to Douglas later.

  • Looking for balanced research about effects of computer/device use on students in primary schools, please, for a concerned parent. THANKS!