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  • Chris Le Cren

    About me: I am a director of eTime, an education consulting company based in Christchurch. I have held a range of teaching and leadership positions in secondary schools and have a passion for inno...Brief description: Director of eTime, an education consulting company based in Christchurch.

  • Suzie Vesper

    About me: I am a Year 5/6 teacher working at Mount Pleasant School in Christchurch. This will be my second year back in mainstream teaching after working as an ICT facilitator both in Wellington a...

  • Danny Bedingfield

    About me: I am an ICTPD facilitator and I work for a company called eTime in Christchurch. (www.etime.co.nz)

  • nickleith

    About me: Kia ora! I'm one of the e-learning facilitators for the Port Hills ICT PD cluster in Christchurch. I work for eTime; an education consultancy that works with an extensive number of schools in Chrstchurch and the wider Canterbury region. www.etime.co.nz

  • Viv Ellis

    About me: Teacher of Year 5 and 6 at St Martins School Christchurch.

  • Nick Ford

    About me: ...acher of ICT at the innovative Christchurch South Learning Centre. In this role I facilitated ICT professional development clusters from South Christchurch. From 2005 to April 2011 I...

  • Chris Archer

    About me: ...and an online facilitator for Arts Online. Currently I am working as senior programme adviser (music) at Creative New Zealand and am based in Christchurch.  ...

  • Stephen McConnachie

    About me: I teach Mathematics at Middleton Grange School in Christchurch. I teach Years 9-13, specialising in Calculus and Scholarship Calculus. I am particularly passionate (some would say geeky)...

  • Iona Rait

    About me: Kia ora!  I'm a primary school teacher in Christchurch. I currently teach year 5 and 6 students in a collaborative environment. Brief description: Teaching at the wonderful St Martins School in Christchurch. In a collaborative class of 51 Year 5 & 6 students and loving it.

  • Tamara Yuill Proctor

    About me: I am Assistant Head of English at St Andrews College in Christchurch. This year I am completing my MA in Teaching, a participant on the Knowledge Building/Forum TRLI, attempting to flip...