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  • Good morning, I am wondering if schools are having difficulty with Snapchat and if anyone know a way to block it at school. Thanks

  • Recordings for both Ministry webinars now online > March webinars to help schools use the N4L managed network http://ow.ly/v0U2s

  • What is the state of play with computing classes in 2ndary schools? Do they still exist and if so what wonderful things are happening?

  • Two novembers ago, we asked for one TOP TIP for leaders - when recruiting new staff to sustain e-learning in schools http://bit.ly/182uHFt

  • yet another poorly written article on BYOD implementation in schools - Nelson School makes electronic compulsory http://tinyurl.com/73d2r3a

  • The Government has announced the next 90 schools to receive SNUP upgrades, April 2012 http://bit.ly/HSryMN

  • NZ Herald: Inquiry to look at digital learning in schools http://bit.ly/HotQkA

  • Got my first paper published in NZ Computers in Schools http://education2x.otago.ac.nz/cinzs/mod/resource/view.php?id=281

  • What have you found to be the major barriers to learning with technologies in schools?

  • Northland Coll venue, 100 primary students, 12 schools rep, student ICT conference - Learners leading learning? - PRICELESS! Rawe Kaikohe!