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  • Burnside High School

    Burnside High School

    Burnside High School is in the Final Year of the ICTPD Cluster. The school is a large (2700) co-ed State school. We have had a big focus on creating a central IT hub in the school (Moodle) with all access off this site. We have since invested heavily in resourcing the school with computers and wi...

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  • Burnside High School Milestone 5. The New Normal and the Beginning of the Next Stage!

    Overview: The original proposal was broken into ICT and PD Goals. ICT Goals: Provide Infrastructure/Services to support  learning and teaching across the curriculum (Google domain and integration with a LMS)  Provide web 2.0 access/support Federated/Integrated Approach PD...

    Tags: Burnside, ICTPD, BYOD

  • Burnside Milestone 6 "Exit Strategy"

    Milestone 6 “Exit Strategy” Burnside Cluster applied for the ICTPD with the goal of achieving a set of ICT and PD School-wide  This reflective summary will provide oversight into those outcomes. It is important to read this report in context to the environment it ...

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  • Burnside Learning Community Cluster

    Burnside Learning Community Cluster

    A place for teachers from Christ the King Primary School, Waimairi School, Fendalton Open Air School, Burnside Primary, Cobham Intermediate and St Patrick's Bryndwr to connect and share ideas as part of the Burnside Learning Community Cluster.

    Tags: BLCC, Christ the King, Waimairi, Fendalton, Burnside, Cobham, St Patrick's Bryndwr