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  • LIVE ICT PD Online event coming soon

      Watch out for up-coming LIVE ICT PD events in the Virtual Learning Network. The first event will provide an opportunity for cluster leaders to come together to c...

  • Tahunanui School

    Tahunanui School's annual targets are built around our visi...Our annual e-learning targets reflect national and cluster e-learning goals and success...earning strategic plan to the National Goals & Cluster goals for e-Learning and to c...

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  • Te Manawa o te Wai Pounamu ICTPD Cluster

    Description: We are a cluster of three schools in the heart of the South Is...nd, Mackenzie District, South Canterbury. Our cluster members are Aoraki Mt Cook Sc...e now in Year 2 of our contract. Tags: ictpd cluster Website: http://te-manawao-t...

  • Paula's Pages

    Initially looked at Paula Jamieson's wikipage through the ICTPD Online Newsletter for...nks to the teachers at Tahunanui School and whom I am working with across the cluster.

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  • Yearning to set up a group for a cluster? Rally people around an edu-issue? Check out the nuts and bolts of how to do it:http://bit.ly/d

  • As we start out building our community, it's easy to find like-minded friends when cluster groups have full details - like the Tauranga Moana cluster. http://ww

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  • Giving Children a Voice

    This article was published in the Education G...r Manaiakalani Schooling Improvement Cluster and her recent trip to discus...is one of seven in the Manaiakalani Cluster of local primary and secondar...the teachers within the Manaiakalani cluster have learned through innovati...

  • e-learning for students with special needs

    Cluster Type – Central Region Special Schools ICT PD Cluster Year level – 5 -21 ye...CT in our schools. Two of our cluster schools have opened on brand....” Key Lessons for the cluster For the students, their ex...oughs with ICT throughout the cluster, as little successes are cele...

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  • West e-Learning Cluster

    West e-Learning Cluster

    We are looking at establishing a collaboration across our West Cluster (Flaxmere Schools and Raureka School) with the focus being on e-Learning and how we can use it to enhance the achievement of students. This is where we can share any ideas with our e -Learning Cluster.    

  • RCICT & Rotorua Town and Country Clusters

    RCICT & Rotorua Town and Country Clusters

    We are two thriving ICTPD Clusters consisiting of a total of 12 schools. RCICT = Glenholme, Malfroy, Westbrook, Rotorua Primary and Sunset Rotorua Town & Country Cluster = Mamaku, Aorangi, Kaharoa, Kawaha Point, Ngongataha, St Mary's and Otonga.

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  • Bridging the Gap ICTPD Cluster Reflection April 2011

    Title: Bridging the Gap ICTPD Cluster Reflection April 2011 Year level: Two Cluster type: Traditional The Context: Lead Teacher Professional Learning to achieve outcomes for Cluster Goal 2 National Goal 2: Increase capability of teachers and principals to improve students' learning and achi...

    Tags: Hooked on Thinking, SOLO Taxonomy, Thomas Guskey, teaching, learning, Bridging the Gap Cluster, ictpd, online professional reflection, vln, Al-Madinah School, Jean Batten School, Waterlea School, Royal Oak Intermediate School

  • Bridging the Gap ICTPD Cluster Reflection December 2012

    Title: Bridging the Gap ICTPD Cluster Reflection December 2012 Year level: Three Cluster type: Traditional The Context: The impact of understanding student learning outcomes through SOLO Taxonomy, and the effective integration of e-learning across cluster schools.    National Goal 3...

    Tags: reflective summary, Bridging the Gap Cluster, ICTPD, SOLO Taxonomy, e-learning, constructive alignment

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