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  • Using the flipped classroom model in the secondary classroom.

    A partly flipped, blended classroom with paper and pens (the busy teachers way!) www.passbiology.co.nz - based fully in google sites. As a secondary teacher with 4 hours a week in front of my senior classes and what seems to be an ever growing curriculum and literacy requirement I have tra...

    Tags: Flipped, Biology, Online learning

  • Listen Up!

    Listen Up! is a 45-minute (split into two virtual sessions), interactive educational outreach programme that teaches children aged 8 to 12 about sound, hearing, and how to protect their hearing from Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). During the programme, children learn the basic anatomy and p...

    Tags: listen up, hearing, pindrop, Rosmini College, Health, Science, Physics, Biology, sound, online learning, skype, adobe connect