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  • Looking forward to teaching online this year and meeting the community here

  • Resistant teaching staff, little PD, a culture that not open to continuous learning, a budget line for purchasing hardware that is unknown

  • New ways of teaching means new ways of assessing... http://bit.ly/1g1xovz How do you give feedback via technology?

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  • Students teaching students - and making science fun in secondary: http://j.mp/1ivwxGR

  • I am looking forward to what 2013 has to bring and the direction that it will take me. I am passionate about teaching and the pedegody that goes with 21st learning. Children learning to be the best

  • Teaching with iPad and iTunes U - Apple NZ Webinars start next week http://tiny.cc/q3nvsw

  • Take a look at the eLearning-Teaching Group for good examples of students' eLearning. I've posted about the InspireNet Manawatu Digi Awards

  • Weekend reading? Supporting future-oriented learning & teaching - a NZ perspective http://goo.gl/ofwhK

  • Video: Teaching Grit Cultivates Resilience and Perseverance to help students achieve: http://j.mp/1zbzlSk