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Results for "Bilingual and Immersion teaching"


  • Men in Primary Teaching

    Men in Primary Teaching

    This group is dedicated to help promote the return of men to primary teaching.  Currently the percentage of males in primary teaching is around 12% and still decre...male school leavers considering primary teaching as a career path. If you thi...

  • Maths in the Primary School

    Maths in the Primary School

    'Maths in the Primary School' VLN group will promote sharing of e-learning opportunities in mathematics. The purpose of this group is to work collaboratively to develop more robust approaches to teaching and learning in mathematics facilitated by the SMART use of digital technologies.

  • Amuri Area School

    Amuri Area School

    This is a space for resources, links and conversations in relation to the Blended e-Learning project at Amuri Area School. Check out: Getting started on the VLN: If yo...

  • Springfield School

    Springfield School

    This is a space for resources, links and conversations in relation to the Blended e-Lea...ed BeL Inquiry at Springfield Blending e-learning tools into learning and teaching. Participating in the VLN to...

  • Ako-e


    This is the Virtual e-space for the participants and presenters at the TRCC course 'Ako...ation technology is critical to this generation, and is an effective means of teaching and learning. E-Learning al...

  • St Mary's School, Hastings

    St Mary's School, Hastings

    St Mary's School is an integrated contributing school for Yr 1 - 8 students. Academic, physical, social, cultural and spiritual teaching form the foundation for our c...

  • Visual Arts Moving Image

    Visual Arts Moving Image

    This is a group to support the teaching and learning of Visual Arts Moving Image.

  • Māori Medium Kura

    Māori Medium Kura

    He rōpū tēnei mō ngā kaiako o ngā Kura Māori, ngā akoranga rūmaki reo māori, ngā akomanga reo-...e can share ideas, discuss our mahi and support each other. This is intended to be a bilingua...

  • Teachers in Catholic Schools

    Teachers in Catholic Schools

    A group for teachers in Catholic Schools to come together and share ideas and best practices. I am particularly interested in having a forum to share ideas for teaching the RE curriculum. 

  • Physical Education Years 7 and 8

    Physical Education Years 7 and 8

    This is a group that I invisage cartering for teachers who would like to share ideas about teaching PE in the Year 7/8 area. This would be an avenue to share ideas for planning, implementation and assesment.   Please feel free to join in and discuss what is happening in your school.