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  • I am the DP at Ohaupo School. I teach full time students in yr7 & yr8. I have a passion for IT and belong to the Connected Cluster.

  • @Tamara.bell1 and @Toni.Twiss It really helps when you guys are so supportive for clusters. The good news stories from visits roll in.

  • @donnadyet Hi Donna, if you are part of the group, you can scroll down the resource page and use the edit button below :)

  • Just wrote a new WIPCE blogpost, check it out! /pg/blog/owner/Tamara.bell1

  • Can't you just see it! We'll all be trying at once. One of my colleagues stayed up till midnight believing it would come on line then.

  • Wow, lots of new 'faces' in here this morning. Would love to see who the faces really belong to :) http://bit.ly/s5QPml

  • @AllanahK The issue of email subject lines has been raised - it's a known issue (believe me, I know!) and it's on the list for development!

  • Do you dream in colour? bit.ly/yjmkuN > Great video to stimulate PD discussions about values & beliefs from @chrissiebutler

  • Yes did watch it live. I believe the recording will be made available later for viewing in the NEAL Catalogue in the eTV Library.

  • Links for facilitator hui science Wkshp - /pages/view/725803/bel-workshop-4-october