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  • Sue Smith

    About me: ...nce based practice to raise achievement. Integrating financial capabilities and career education in school-wide planning. 2013 - Learning to use BYOD, Blended Learning, 21st C Dig...

  • James Rasmussen

    Interests: BYOD

  • Bill Hubbard

    Interests: BYOD

  • Trish Patten

    Brief description: Team Leader and ICT Leader in Yr 0-8 School with focus on self regulated learning, mobile learning and BYOD.

  • joleneb

    About me: ...making, podcasting,web 2.0 tools, self directed learning and multimedia. Upskilling on PC platform, website design, Ultranet, networks and servers, BYOD and ipads/tablets.

  • Matt Clark

    About me: I teach History and Social Studies and I'm looking forward to teaching a BYOD Social Studies class in 2013.

  • Lisa

    About me: I will be leading a Year 7 BYOD pilot class in 2013 using Ultranet as a LMS. Students are allowed any bring any type of tablet device to school to enhance their learning. I am excited about the opportunities this will bring to classroom learning, yet very aware that there is much to learn.

  • Lynley Schofield

    Brief description: Teaching Year 3 and 4, eLearning, Introducing Google Apps for Education, BYOD Chromebooks

  • Shona Poppe

    About me: ...uters in our other 21 classes. At present we have children in the digital classes bringing their own Apple laptops, but we are looking to move into BYOD. We are on a continual e-lear...

  • Philip Jellyman

    About me: ...One of my portfolios is e-learning so I am keen to keep up with everything that's happening. St Dominic's is a great school - we have gone BYOD a few years ago and up-skilli...