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  • Developing communities of mathematical inquiry (Education Counts March 201)

    Case 1, ‘Developing communities of mathematical inquiry’, illustrates how two teachers developed teaching practices that were highly effective for diverse learners. The case focuses on how these teachers accelerated the mathematics achievement of their year 4 to 6 students, most of wh...

    Tags: bes, mathematics

  • Engaging Teachers - Creating Confident Classroom Teacher Facilitators

    The iPlus Focus Teachers and classroom teachers, describe the success of the transition from Cluster Shares to Mini-Conferences based on, creating the conditions for distributing leadership by developing the leadership of others.' Teacher Professional Learning and Development: (BES), 2007. ...

    Tags: leadership, facilitating, reflection, creating, BES, facilitation, reflectivesummary,

  • Leading The Authentic Learning

    Leading The Authentic Learning

    Fellow leaders of learning (yes all of you) Join our discussions and share your practical ideas for authentic learning contexts that focus on hands-on leadership utilizing real-life meaningful and purposeful experiences.

    Tags: Leadership, learning, best evidence synthesis, BES, authentic, context, student centred, practical ideas