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  • Videos for PD

    Introduction to Videos for PD Welcome to Videos for PD. You can share here any videos that you think are good spr...at, but if you are watching the images and reading the text but can't hear the audio, h...

  • Year 9 Radio Assessment Task

    It's exciting seeing year 9 students working as a team using audacity and other interactive software to create a radio station. They are now able to record their voices, edit any unnecessary information, import audio and save as MP3 folders.

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  • Adobe Connect

    Adobe Connect is the web conferencing tool we use for our online classes. This is hosted and supported by the MoE....Adobe Connect server. Schools with poor bandwidth will need to use telephone audio co...

  • Audio Conferencing

    Audio conferencing provides for audio quality that is not always available through inter...naged by Asnet Technologies at no cost to schools. Audio numbers and pins can be appli...umentation and user guide about schools use of the audio co...

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  • Literacy learning in e-learning contexts

    Literacy learning in e-learning contexts

    The TLRI Project - Overview Literacy Learning in e-learning contexts is a research project funded through a Tea...ogical world, students need opportunities for learning how to decode texts (audio, g...


  • Campbell

    I am the media librarian at eTV in Auckland. I have a background in multi media education and have been a secondary teacher teaching Music, Drama, ICT and Business Studies. Spent ten years in the UK working int he Music industry culminating in a directorship in Rollingsound Ltd, one of the bigges...

    Skills: Musician, ICT guru, Apple Guru, Flip Classroom, Educationalist, Audio Engineer, Director, Producer