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  • Great videos on creativity in education - http://www.brainpickings.org/index.php/2011/01/28/isaac-asimov-creativity-education-science/

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  • Giving Children a Voice

    ...e a commitment to improve the educational outcomes for the children...ng results in the New Zealand educational sector. It is an innovation...through innovation that this special type of online forum helps the...ry part of their learning and assessment programme and this stifles t...

  • e-learning for students with special needs

    Cluster Type – Central Region Special Schools ICT PD Cluster Ye...in the CRSSC Cluster provide educational opportunities for students with a wide range of special needs. The cluster consists o...lead teachers will implement & establish individual school initi...

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  • Learning Communities Online

      A group of organisations or individuals that cho...rimary community, one defined by geography or special character, to which an indivi...ay otherwise choose to go elsewhere for their education retention of specialist staff who are now able to te...

  • Relationships and Communication

      Focus Ensure regular, effective communication with...t with other LCOs and similar developing groups, especially those already well establis...ations with other groups (such as the Ministry of Education, the VLN, other LCO and commu...

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  • Wellington DigiAdvisor Focus Group

    Wellington DigiAdvisor Focus Group

    Kia ora, Talofa lava, Welcome! This DigiAdvisor group is based in Wellington, and inc...ers to raise student achievement through the effective use of Google Apps for Education.

  • The Ministry of Education Student Gallery

    The Ministry of Education Student Gallery

    Student artwork from schools has been on show at one of the Ministry of Education's head office buildings in We...e able to see them. The Minister of Education, the Hon. Anne Tolley, is now... and Curriculum Support, Ministry of Education,(ph) 04-463 8303, (fax) 04-46...

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  • Roxy Hickman

    I am currently on maternity leave with my second baby, Mason (and loving it!)   I joined CORE as part of the Learning with Digital Technologies Team, specializing in Inclusive Practice and Universal design for Learning in 2013 and continued this in 2014. I returned to Fairhaven in 2015. ...

    Skills: Assessment & Moderation for Special Education, e-Portfolios for Special Education