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  • Karamu High School

    Karamu High School

    Karamu High School is a co-educational secondary school in Hastings. The school is part of the I-Connect ICTPD cluster.

  • Sacred Heart College
  • Literacy learning in e-learning contexts

    Literacy learning in e-learning contexts

    ...rchived action research inquiries focussed on e-learning (undertaken as part of e-fellowships and the ECE...and printed texts) make meaning from and compose texts use texts for particular purposed and in particu...

  • Primary Science PLD

    Primary Science PLD

    ...ed in the Primary Science project can share resources, discuss issues relevant to science teaching and learning. It also offers the opportunity to participate in a learning communit...

  • Enabling e-Learning

    Enabling e-Learning

    ...ling e-Learning is the Ministry of Education’s online ‘hub’ for ICT-related education resources and programmes in New Zealand.  You can discuss particular aspects of e-learning i...

  • SJC GATE Development Group

    SJC GATE Development Group

    This group is for those staff involved with the development of Gifted and Talented Education at St John's College in Hamilton. It is an important resource to chart and evaluate the progress of initiatives at the college.

  • Universal Design for Learning

    Universal Design for Learning

    ...ur radar. The big win is that although learners bring huge variability to our communities, many needs are predictable and we can plan for them. Particularly through the thoughtfu...

  • St Peter's School

    St Peter's School

    ...eter's Primary School. Quick Links Something to get you started with the Virtual Learning Network 'Getting started on VLN'.  Some useful VLN...? Where are we going? Why do we do what we do? A space to start thinking about 'The Why? and...

  • First-time Principals Programme

    First-time Principals Programme

    This is an opportunity for new principals, and those who wish to support new principals, to share ideas and information. A particular focus at the moment is preparing principals, i...

  • Visual Arts

    Visual Arts