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  • Marnel van der Spuy

    About me: ...Co. ICT / Digital Technologies Lead. NE/Yr 1 Teacher.  CORE Education eFellow...wa e Waru (2015 - 2017) Connected Rotorua Teachers organiser New Entrant &am...p; Maintenance Qualified Reading Recovery Teacher Apple Teacher Seesaw Ambassador...Brief description: Deputy Principal. SENCo. ICT / Digital Technologies Lead. NE /Yr 1 Teacher. CORE Education eFellow14. Apple Teacher. Seesaw Ambassador.




  • Tahunanui School

    Community e-learning involvement at Tahunanui School During 2011 we will aim to enc...ew website linked to classroom blogs, class wikis, school wiki, Tahunanui teacher wiki, parent wiki, Googl...

  • Enner Glynn School

    Here are a couple of quick ideas that we are trying to increase interest in our blogs. Get a "Hit counter" there...urrently trying to get to one hundred before the holidays.  As we use our Apple s...

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  • Regional Meeting Oct 5 2010 Minutes

    ...information 3k students 350 teachers looking to link primary and...lvement, larger schools/fewer teachers represented assessment lite...ther than necessarily be lead teachers as such. Have a math and an...tudent involvement a way for teachers to digitally track their stu...

  • Planning Meeting 1 - 2011 Term 1

    What do you need to achieve?Film Festival - Te...rove the model from last yearPublicity - teachers/local/national (before and during the event)Include teachers asapEmotive photography - de...ilms (photostory/animations/video) - for teachers and tech angelsHow & whe...

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  • Software for Learning - Snapshots

    Snapshots of Learning illustrate how software and digital content, from Digistore a...a taster to the software and digital content – an indication of how one teacher has recognised the potential...

  • K-3 Teacher resources

    This is a site I pay around 20 bucks a year for but it has been well worth it for games and other classroom resources.  I found it while I was working in Australia last year.  The activities are bright, interesting and easy to make up. Rachael

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  • Giving Children a Voice

    ...and Albany Senior high School teacher Alec Solomon (see story this...o discuss the initiative with teachers in the United States. Pt...pening at Pt England School. Teacher Juanita Garden is one part of...ory out loud. Juanita and the teachers within the Manaiakalani clus...

  • e-learning for students with special needs

    ...confidence and competence of teachers to enable them to explore op...sts, can easily access them. Teachers are excited about the new te...ith the support from the lead teacher. Connecting Worldwide Inte...room and was activated by the teacher. The projection was then move...

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  • Learner Needs

      Focus Ensure learner needs are identified and a...it can be quite easy for students to feel like the teacher is just a face on the screen,...students with the opportunity to get to know their teachers, and their fellow students,...

  • Pedagogy

    ...g this to their own practice. Teachers will need support and guidan...actice and discussion between teachers and to continue to provide m...others. A useful strategy for teachers to gain a perspective of wha...: Individual goals from teachers about what will change about...

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  • Imagine that...

    Criteria: Bearing in mindwhat your teacher told you about COMPOSITION: Draw three shapes Draw three birds with patterns inside, similarto Bill Hammond’s birds Draw your favou...


  • E-Pilot: Enhancing Literacy with ICT.

    E-Pilot: Enhancing Literacy with ICT.

    This project aims to utilise a blended approach to teacher professional learning.Our group is made up of a total of nine primary and secondary teachers from all over the North Isla...

  • JPC English RT

    JPC English RT

    This a a group for students of English at John Paul College, set up by their teacher 'RT'.

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