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  • Christian Alino

    About me: I am a Science teacher at Amuri Area School. I teach conventional classes (face to face) however in the last 5 y...t and what I would like to investigate, learn more and promote in my school. This year I have continued t...

  • Tina Heaps

    About me: Kia Ora My name is Tina Heaps; I am currently teaching at Amuri Area School in Culverden.  I am the head of Socia...Sciences and Specialist Classroom Teacher.  My educational interest areas include Student Led Learning,...

  • Neil Wilkinson

    About me: I retired as Principal at Amuri Area School in April this year after 10 wonderful years at a great school in the country. Now living in Rangiora, I am working in a variety of roles on my own account.

  • Emily

    About me: Year 7/8 Teacher, Amuri Area School.